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LGGA - Lessico dei grammatici greci antichi

LGGA: lessico dei grammatici greci antichi

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Editor: Franco Montanari,
Associate Editors: Fausto Montana, Lara Pagani
The LESSICO DEI GRAMMATICI GRECI ANTICHI (LGGA) represents an online reference tool, specifically dedicated to the field of ancient Greek philology, grammar and scholarship.
This website, which was opened in 2002, has seen the in-progress publication of cards regarding figures who are relevant, from various points of view, for exegesis as well as erudite and philological-grammatical research in the ancient world. The list of figures taken into consideration has progressively increased up to a total amount of more than 570. The cards available for downloading are now over 300.
Starting from November 2015, LGGA is published by Brill under the name of Lexicon of Greek Grammarians of Antiquity
The new web site publishes initially all the cards that were available on Aristarchus, for some of which the corresponding English version will be made available immediately. Over time each card will be updated and supplied with an English translation. In addition, the cards not yet included will be progressively added. As in the past, each card is made up of:
1) an encyclopedic entry with discussion of biographical data and works/fragments of the grammarian;
2) list and texts of ancient witnesses;
3) bibliography.
In comparison with the previous version, far more refined searches are now possible (e. g. on the basis of chronology of the grammarians or the content of the fragments) and the cards are easier to use thanks to the addition of many cross-references both to other LGGA cards and to different web sites (e. g. repertories of ancient texts or reference works).
Members of the staff who over the years have written LGGA cards:
Paola Ascheri - Università di Genova
Anna Boatti - Università di Milano
Carla Castelli - Università di Milano
Flavia Cecchi - Università di Genova
Michele Corradi - Università di Genova
Giulia D'Alessandro - Università di Genova
Alessia Ferreccio - Università di Genova
Antonella Ippolito - Università di Palermo
Daniela Manetti - Università di Firenze
Claudio Meliadò - Università di Messina
Fausto Montana - Università di Pavia, Sede di Cremona
Davide Muratore - Università di Genova
Valeria Novembri - Università di Genova
Lara Pagani - Università di Genova
Serena Perrone - Università di Genova
Francesca Razzetti - Università di Genova
Mario Regali - Università di Genova
Eleonora Rocconi - Università di Pavia, Sede di Cremona
Giuseppe Russo - Università di Bari
Martina Savio - Università di Genova
Giuseppe Ucciardello - Università di Messina
Stefano Valente - Università di Bologna
Co-workers: Luigi Arata, Chiara Margaritelli, Lorenza Muzzolon (Università di Genova).
Scholars who provided useful suggestions: Eugenio Amato, Maria Broggiato, Albio C. Cassio, Cynthia Damon, Marcello De Martino, Emanuele Dettori, Cristina Esposto, Erik Hamer, Giacomo Mancuso, Paolo Scattolin, Martin Schmidt, Antonio Vecchio.